Moon Festival 2016


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Moon Festival is a once a year event. It falls on the Autumnal Equinox, and to Chinese it means family time gathering/reunion time and peace. Full moon is a symbol of prosperity, happiness and family reunion. The food that will be in the festival most definitely is mooncakes.

In SL, it will open tomorrow Octobet 1st. Everyone can join and enjoy the beautiful sim. Aside of shopping in variety of different vendors, there’s also free games which you can play and gain prizes. The sim is beautifully decorated, perfect for moon viewing with your family and friends so don’t miss it!


skin: VCO – Zoey

lips: mignon – Fresh GLossy Gloss (Hawaiian Pink Teeth) @ SaNaRae

blush: mignon – custom blush (dolly 40%)

eyes: mignon – Kira Kira star eyes (pink) [EXCLUSIVE] @ Moon Festival

hair: Exile – Little By Little (color fades)

hair accessories: mignon & irodori – yukata gacha – accessories 03

yukata – Dark Water Designs – Yukata #2 for female @ Moon Festival

sandals – Sickly Sweet – Geisha Sandals for Maitreya and Slink @ Moon Festival

pose & plate – Fawn’s Demise – Clumsy Maid Pose 2 & prop @ Moon Festival


hair: ink hair – Homie (blonde)

yukata: Dark Water Designs – Yukata #2 for male @ Moon Festival

necklace: Distant Designs – Withered Monk Beads (sanguine) @ Moon Festival

toy: Dark Knight Decor – Pinwheel #11 @ Moon Festival


lanterns: Lovefox – Oriental Lantern (crimson) @ Moon Festival

statue: Moon Festival 2016 Prizes – Kitsune Statue @ Moon Festival *FREE*

location – Moon Festival entrance


One’s Daily Happiness Depends On A Leisurely Breakfast

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-misa- (right)

body: Maitreya – Lara

skin: VCO – Nini 10

lips: VCO – Popo

hair: Besom – Tease (blonde) @ Fameshed

outfit: Dami – All Mine gacha 2 @ The Chapter Four

shoes: Kendrasy Creations – Daphne Pumps with colors HUD @ marketplace

-sera- (left)

style card is on sera’s blog


Lovefox – Anime Room – Magical Girl’s Books UNCOMMON
.random.Matter. – Kawaii Kitchen – Bunny Timer [Rose]
+Half-Deer+ – Meowpaca – Look at Meow (Pastel)
+Half-Deer+ – Meowpaca – Roll Over (Pastel)
Heart Shaped Dreamer – Area Rug
Heart Shaped Dreamer – DayBed RARE
Heart Shaped Dreamer – Jar Candles
Heart Shaped Dreamer – Bedside Table
!! Follow Us !! – Magazine (open)
+Half-Deer+ – Coming up Roses Frame
{BunBun} – Sugar Sweet – Picture Frames
SAYO – Stationed in Soho Gacha – Art Frames – Common
Apt B – Hello Billy – Frames
[n.i] – brunchtime.regrets.juice.decanters
[n.i] – brunchtime.regrets.creme.brulee
[BunBun] – DayDream – Planners
zerkalo – Faded Charm – White Roses
[BunBun] – DayDream – Pillows
*ionic* – El zorrito
Luas – Kawaii Pancakes
.Atomic. –  Fluffy Macarons (Raspberry)

Won’t Let You Get Away


head: tsg – Mikki kissy x tone

hair: Doe – Luna (monochrome)

outfit: Shiro Tsuki – iScream Shirt Dress @ Manga Fair

choker: Shiro Tsuki – Crescent Choker (white) @ Manga Fair

slippers: tsg – Puffpuff Slippers (bubblegum)

saber: Lovefox – Kawaii Lightsaber – Heart Wings UNCOMMON

chair + pose: Purple Poses – She Chair @ The Chapter Four


Lovefox – Magic Bath – Used Bath ULTRARARE @ Manga Fair

Lovefox – Magic Bath – BathBombs & Soap RARE @ Manga Fair

Lovefox – Magic Bath – Soak’n’Float Pucks UNCOMMON @ Manga Fair

Lovefox – Magic Bath – Bubble Bath @ Manga Fair

Lovefox – Magic Bath – Dusting Powder RARE @ Manga Fair

Lovefox – Magic Bath – Rolled Hand Towels @ Manga Fair

Shabby Tabby – Nouveaux Asiatiq Mirror

Kalopsia – Emily’s Vanity Table RARE

+Half-Deer+ Sakura Petals – Medium Group – Pink

ChiMia – Japan Poster (sushi) @ Bon Voyage

ChiMia – Japan Poster (sakura) @ Bon Voyage

BALACLAVA – Conrad Rug – TypeB Pink

When All Else Fails, Take A Nap

pastel me second life anime manga fair kawaii cute fashion style blog sl

head: VCO – Risa

body – Maitreya – Lara

hair: Doe – Miffy (monotone) @ The Epiphany

outfit: Amitomo – Summer School Uniform #2

socks: Wretch – Overknee Socks

shoes: Mignon – Little Doll Cafe Maid Shoes (chestnut) @ The Epiphany

pose: Mouni Poses – Couple Pose @ Magazine Fashion Event


Kalopsia – L’lspahan Stand – Strawberry

Kalopsia – L’lspahan Tray – Straw/Caramel

Kalopsia – Macaron Box

Lovefox – Anime Room – Sticky Magazines RARE @ Manga Fair

Lovefox – Anime Room – Magical Girl’s Books UNCOMMON @ Manga Fair

Lovefox – Anime Room – Posters @ Manga Fair

Lovefox – Anime Room – Big Shelf UNCOMMON @ Manga Fair

Lovefox – Anime Room – Kuma Rug RARE @ Manga Fair

Atomic – Fluffy Macarons (raspberry) @ The Kawaii Project

Atomic – Fluffy Macarons (chocolate) @ The Kawaii Project

Half Deer – Wood & Roses Letters (light)

Together We Stand

pastel me second life fashion blog style cute sl


head: The Sugar Garden – Mikki Kissy x tone

hair: Mint – Enchanted Child gacha – Celestial Fluffypack (mythical)

outfit: Shiro Tsuki – Sky Princess of Legend (including ears, ocarina, belt, dress, boots, gloves, & hand poses HUD)  marketplace

wand: Lovefox – Love Wand (celestial) @ PonPon

full body pose: my custom pose

close up pose: Mikoto – Iya C


head: VCO – Mary 016 RARE @ The Arcade Gacha June

hair: Exile – Go (wildcards) @ The Arcade Gacha June

outfit: Shiro Tsuki – Twilight Princess of Legend (including ears, ocarina, belt, dress, boots, gloves, & hand poses HUD)  marketplace

wand: Le Coq D’or – Space Unicorn – wand 6 (with holding pose) @ PonPon

necklace: Le Coq D’or – Rainbow Butterfly – necklace (lilac)

head accessories: Le Coq D’or – Rainbow Butterfly – Head Accessory (lilac)

forehead accessory: Vincue – Rosie + Set – forehead2 (garnet)

standing pose: my custom pose

close up pose: Mikoto – Kagumi C


Question of the Day

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Usually what I do in SL reflects my RL whether I notice or not. I just had the most tastiest tiramisu cake ever, and please note I love love love tiramisu. It’s so fluffy and creamy and nice. I have to admit I don’t like the cocoa powder though, but 90% of tiramisu is so nice. While I don’t have tiramisu in SL, this is the closest to tiramisu that I just had in rl haha. To eat more of it, or not? At least in SL I don’t have to worry about that cause I’ll always look so kawaii and fab no matter what XD thanks god for sl proportional body haha. But if I have to name an evil figure ever, it must be food. They’re so yummy and sweet and lovely, but I know it doesn’t do much good if I keep taking them to my mouth lol so question of the day is to eat or not to eat the tasty tiramisu cake in the fridge… It’s past midnight now, so… we’ll see lol.

Anyway, I’ve always been so pink or pastel lately and finally get a chance to wear my favorite non pastel color: black. Had the cute cat ears and tails from Doki, also the cute friends from Lovefox and NYAN, kitoro gacha series to accompany me while I was busily staring at the cake.

head: tsg – Mikki kissy (ulzzang) xo tone RARE @ The Kawaii Project

body: Maitreya – Lara

hair: Moon – Sun Shy from Luxe Box May

top: Blueberry – Leign Bustiers from Luxe Box May

pants: Piero – Police Shorts (black) @ Whimsical

socks: Candydoll – Aiko black socks

ears: [D]oki – Cat Ears (black)

tail: [D]oki – Cat Tail (black)

moon: [D]oki – Moon Emblem

head accessories: Lovefox & NYAN – Head Leaf Summer UNCOMMON

pose: Mikoto – Yumiiko C


d-lab – Windmill

Lovefox – Walnut Bed (pink)

Lovefox & NYAN – Kitoro gacha – Big Leaf Fox Gold RARE

Lovefox & NYAN – Kitoro gacha – Kitoro White ULTRARARE

Lovefox & NYAN – Kitoro gacha – Leaf Fox Sunshine

Half Deer – Meowpaca – Go go go!

tree – boho stacked rugs @ The Chapter Four *gift*

Stockholm & Lima – Christmas Pudding


Nobody But You

pastel me second life blog fashion sl

head: SomeMore – Saebom mesh head

hair: Doe – Plum (monochrome)

headband: Pure of Hearts – Sweet Treat Headband (blueberry)

outfit: Lovefox – Kawaii Sweater – School Sailor

socks: Candydoll – Aiko Black Socks

pose: LW Poses – Lonely (including sofa and props) for the pose hop event


Vespertine – ampersand neon

Random Matter – Hartley Deer Candle @ The Chapter Four *gift*

Luxe Skybox – 1st Round Exclusive

Bazar – Paris Side Table



Don’t Let Me Go

pastel me second life cute blog sl kawaii

head: Somemore – Saebom Sad Head tone 2 @ SaNaRae

hair: Ayashi – Nyoko hair (white) @ Gacha Garden

hairpin: Ayashi – Nyoko hair barrette (with HUD & included in the hair pack)

dress: Lovefox – Sweater (milk) – Standard @ Kawaii Pon Pon

bow: Lovefox – Kowai Bow (aqua) @ Kawaii Pon Pon

pose: Mikoto – Senpai C



i {DH} Gacha – Bridal Trunk

Sallie/Body Language – Ready For a Date gacha [hatboxes]

Half Deer – Sakura Petals


Different Sides

pastel me second life kawaii style blog fashion sl cute lolita

Don’t you have different part of you that not really visible to other people? I do. I think many people do too 😮 I try to portray it on the photo above with the part of me who likes all cute pink pastel colors, hime lolita style with pigtails and frilly stuff. But there are times I want to be just simple and wear all black, still with a hint of pink though haha. Both dresses are from Lovefox, both has different textures HUD for the bow parts. I also used the things I got from Fifty Linden Friday yesterday and last week in the background. Sometimes I forgot what I got and bought and only found it a while later lol.

*what I’m wearing*

head: SomeMore – Saebom mesh head (basic) @ SaNaRae

hair: EMBW – Thenid Hair (ombre II)

dress: Lovefox – Babydoll Dress (Black Cat)

hat: Lovefox – Witch Hat (bow)

shoes: Fri – Kendall Platforms (pewter)

pose: Mikoto – Kyoto C

head: SomeMore – Saebom mesh head (wink) @ SaNaRae

hair: Lovey Dovey – Martini (Mish Mash)

bangs: Lovey Dovey – Add on bangs (Mish Mash)

dress: Lovefox – Babydoll Dress (lolita)

choker: Lovefox – Kawaii Neko Collar

socks: atomic apparel – spring frill socks (shell)

shoes: Reign – Darling Wedges (bubblegum)

pose: Mikoto – Honey E


Kalopsia – Arrow Curtains (vintage)

Brocante – Side Table (whitewash)

Frayed Knot – Butterfly Frame 11 @ SaNaRae

Glam Affair Home – Detroit Pastels Head @ Lost and Found

Over the Rainbow

pastel me second life sl fashion kawaii blog

Wearing cute things all at once surely make me so fluffy and kawaii. The cute beary headphone is from +pure.of.heart+ called Bearytuneage Headphone, which comes with the Heartbeatz POD open clip also in rainbow colors. Both items are original mesh, and the headphone have 2 sizes for wide hair and/or rounded head people. Both items can be found on Over the Rainbow event, a charity event specially created to support little Huntar who is battling the late stage of Burkitt Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. All proceeds from the sales go towards the family. More info on the fundraising can be found here.

The kawaii neko collar is from Lovefox. It is mesh, and unrigged so it’s resizable to your liking. The cute paddle is also from pure.of.heart, strawberry flavored 😀 It has no animation but it easily fits into any poses and can be adjusted quickly. And the adorable fortune cookie is a new April gift which can be found on the mainstore. Quick grab it only until this April. It has 3 colors, pink, purple, and red.

 *what I’m wearing*
hair: Ayashi – Maemi hair (blond)
top: Tee*fy – Kelly Knotted Tank (pink)
headphone: pure.of.heart – Beary Tunage Headphone @ Over The Rainbow

clip: pure.of.heart – Heartbeatz POD @ Over The Rainbow

paddle: pure.of.heart – Sweet Treat Paddle (strawberry)

collar: Lovefox – Kawaii Neko Collar

mouthie: pure.of.heart – Fortune of Love (pink) group gift

bracelets: Black Bantam – Time is Love Watch & Bracelet set (gold) @ The Dressing Room