This blog is mostly about my adventure in the pastel world of second life. I post things I love, with people I love.

I adore pastel colors (hence my blog name) and I wear lilac or pink daily, but there are days I love red and black colors too!

I love shopping, taking photos, wandering around in sl and just hanging out with my family and friends. I am a teen in SL, when I’m not busy and have more time I like going to school in SL and do teen stuff.

I am hugely inspired by kawaii pop cultures, japanese fashion, lolita and gyaru subcultures.


Since May-June 2017 I have my own store which mainly is Catwa appliers (mostly lashes) store. I enjoy making lashes as it’s my most important thing in my rl that I really love having as well in sl. My sl might be busier on daily basis because I am both blogger and store owner but I love doing both jobs and please don’t underestimate me just because I am both ^^ I’m not neglecting my blogging for my store and vice versa. I am doing my best doing both jobs pretty well I’d say without missing deadlines for each tasks because both creating and blogging make me happy 🙂

My daily essential look that’s sometimes not mentioned on my outfit credits:

Mesh head : Catwa Catya & Lilly

Mesh Body : Maitreya Lara

Favorite stores:


The Sugar Garden













If you ever want to say hi in world please IM me Misa Kierstrider ^^



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