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Me and my sisters were just prancing around today, talking and doing random things like always when we noticed that we got the same lolita dress from Zenith, from one of the latest Vintage Spring gacha collection on Shiny Shabby March and wore it. Just yesterday we also went to Kawaii Project (again) and got the cute shoes from Empire that fit our hime lolita look. I couldn’t believe I missed the shoes last time I went to Kawaii Project. Cause I saw the price 600L and I thought it’s per pair and I was like ok no it’s too much, even though it’s super cute. But until my mom told me that they only sell shoes fatpack, we didn’t hesitate to get there again and grab the pack. I mean it’s fatpack and only 600L? That’s a steal! πŸ˜€ Then we gathered and took this photo wearing these cute items, creating the hime lolita look. I paired them with the ultra cute heart bag also from Zenith and voila I’m a himeloli today πŸ˜€

head : M3 Utilizator Venus

body : maitreya – lara

skin : enfer sombre – sweet (skin light 2)

hair : due – lan (ombre 1) @ the gathering gacha

hair accessories : altair – imp maid (pink)

dress : zenith – vintage spring dress (pink) @ shiny shabby

socks : wretch – overknee socks

shoes : #empire – marygold @ the kawaii project march round

bag : zenith – lolita heart bag (rose)

Hanami Season

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Hello ^^

I’m so happy I get to blog again, or more like writing my random blurbs πŸ˜€ I actually took this picture with my bestie Nicole from Jewel of The Moon around 2 weeks ago. Picture editing always makes me so lazy, especially when my lovely family always distract and troll me all the time xD

Anyway, since me and Nicole love tsg so much so we decided to buy the same yukata dress that they released in this round of Kawaii Project. I paired it with any cute stuff that I have in my inventory, sometimes I dont’ know what I have though because it’s such a mess haha. But look how cute is she? *_*


head : tsg – aya mesh head

body : maitreya – lara

hair : pink hustler – ph* 8105

dress : tsg – sexy yukata (sakura hot pink)

socks : altair – royalty stockings pack I

shoes : candydoll – jennie (pink)

hair bow : half deer – forest’s tale blooming button bow

choker : #foxy stay cute collar (innocent)

Pastel Goth


while my inventory is full of pink and lilac, the other color that dominated my wardrobe aside those two colors is probably black. I almost always wear pink on daily basis, but when I don’t (sometimes I feel like people are sick of seeing me in pink lol) I always turn to black clothing. I can’t lose my pastel roots so I’ll still have one or two stuff in pastel colors while the rest is black like what I wear today.

IΒ  also got new tsg head applier from Enfer Sombre, located in tsg mall. I love love love my tsg aya head, but I love to have a more intense makeup too sometimes, so I’m so excited getting this applier. I love the eye makeup and blush so much that I think I’d keep this longer on my face haha πŸ™‚

head : the sugar garden – aya mesh head

applier : enfer sombre – angelica

hair : spellbound – antisocialite – angst // chapter III: magic

eyes : the sugar garden – summer eyes (light brown)

dress : pumpkin – tee dress @ tres chic

shoes : livalle – chyna (for fifty linden friday)

Sisters ❀

pastel second life fashion blog

β€œI know some sisters who only see each other on Mother’s Day and some who will never speak again. But most are like my sister and me… linked by volatile love, best friends who make other best friends ever so slightly less best.” – Patricia Volk

Bad times or good times, real life or second life, we can count on each other… that’s what you are to me, precious and irreplaceable. ^-^


hair : spellbound – melody (prints)

outfit : amiable – I am dreaming of you gacha

socks : atomic – spring frill socks (shell) @ collabor88

choker : black bantam – fresh water pearls

necklace : altair – bunny magic necklace (yellow)

slippers : tsg – puffpuff slippers (bubblegum)


pastel second life blog

my sister and I were just hanging out on sunday morning when she decided that we should take new photo together. so i just randomly put on some outfit, then we were excited when we found out we have the same hair from ayashi haha. so we have this kind of chobits inspired photo for this post (and hers too). to be honest i only have mostly pink, lavender and pastel colors in my wardrobe, hence my blog name haha. but i personally think instead of chobits, our photo concept is more like misa amane from death note?

anyway, here is what i wear on the photo:

hair : ayashi – aime (light blonde)

top : pixicat – dusk top

bottom : neve – skirt button denim (black)

necklace : zenith – lace mirror collar @ collabor88

ring : imeka – rose ring (black)


what my sister wear can be found on her blog: cyulatersl

Doll Trap

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first of all, new blog yay finally a blog of my own πŸ˜€ even though probably no one is reading it lol~

but anyway, my first outfit post on the blog. and of course it’s pink.. πŸ˜€ i match it with other pink and white stuff that i love, credits below.


hair – taketomi – Akemi II

eyes – tsg – summer eyes (light brown)

dress – zenith – vintage rose dress (pink) @ collabor88 March

shoes – Reign – Harlee Plats (bubblegum)

socks – Atomic – spring frills socks (shell) @ collabor88 March

hair accessories – altair – starry clips (pink)

choker – black bantam – fresh water pearls choker

necklace – zenith – lace mirror collar (with HUD!) @ collabor88 March

bag – zenith – autumn leather bag (rose)