Some Of Us Have To Go To Summer School


hair: monso – chowon (pop) @ kustom9

skin: enfer sombre – lorena skin (mocha) @ the seasons story

eyes: slackgirl – aura mesh eyes

lashes: michan – senshi lashes @ the crystal heart

choker: kotte – utau charms – ribbon choker @ the crystal heart

outfit: vincue – sailie set @ the crystal heart

bag: tentacio – magic bag light blue @ the crystal heart

books: tentacio – moon notebook pink @ the crystal heart

backdrop: ninety – ok backdrop



Someday You Will Look Back And Know Exactly Why It Had To Happen


hair: nani – kate hair

skin: enfer sombre – doll

lips: enfer sombre – mollie

hairbase: enfer sombre – yuno @ mainstore

lashes: michan – lalisa lashes

eyes: s0ng – leah eyes @ chapter four

choker: namiichu – miaww choker @ chapter four

earring: bliensen+maitai – diamante earring long @ chapter four

necklace: bliensen+maitai – diamante necklace small @ chapter four

outfit: vincue – cattie top @ kustom9

nails: slackgirl – escalade bento nails @ limit8

If I Share My Things To You, Then Yes I Like You Very Much


hair: monso – jessica (with ribbon) @ collabor88

skin: enfer sombre – carol skin @ the seasons story

eyes: s0ng – hydie eyes @ the project se7en

lashes: michan – natzuka lashes

necklace: michan – dara necklace

hair acc: michan – shuangxi hairpin @ kurenai

top: vincue – kellie top @ the seasons story

nails: slackgirl – marissa bento nails @ event crazy

drink: yokai – glitter tears – unicorn magic potion rare

tattoo: kuriko – osina rose tattoo

decor: {moss&mink} Ornate divider (White)

The Girl Who Loves Bubbles And Talks To Plants


hair: monso – kula (blonde) @ neo japan

outfit: mignon – iris top&pants ultrarare @ sanarae

shoes: mignon – iris shoes ultrarae @ sanarae

wings: vincue & cx – airie wings (gold) head rare

headband: half deer – Forest Charm – Sakura Headband (Pale) @ lootbox

pose: pingpong – lani poses @ secret hideout



KaChu~* _sweet house_RARE @ the project se7en

KaChu~* _sweet house_curtainB_pink @ the project se7en

KaChu~* _sweet house_carpetB @ the project se7en

[La Baguette] My bb Unicorn / Pink @ secret hideout

[La Baguette] Bubbly Unicorn deco 3li /Pink @ secret hideout

[La Baguette] Mesh static Bubbles @ secret hideout

chez moi – garden shelf @ shiny shabby

chez moi – potted oregano @ shiny shabby

chez moi – potted basil @ shiny shabby

chez moi – potted mint @ shiny shabby




Try to Be A Rainbow In Someone’s Cloud

skin+brows+lips: enfer sombre – mollie @ blush

hair: monso – kim @ sanarae

eyes: nini – jenny

lashes: michan – jennie lashes

outfit: vincue – galie top

halo: vincue – bidie halo

pearls: vincue – bidie pearls

nails: slackgirl – karma bento nails @ bodyfy

rings (right): messy – midi knuckle rings @ whore couture open march 3rd

rings (left): messy – fuck you rings @ whore couture

wand: yokai – in bloom – Flower stick (pink) @ sanarae


The Slumber Party Won’t Start Until All The Food Is Here

hair: eliavah – cinnabun (blonde)

outfit: belle epoque – claire (pink) @ kinky

pose: le poppycock – heartache (careless whisper) @ chapter four

hair: fabia – amanda @ the coven

top: vincue – sophie top @ frou frou

bottom: vincue – sophie bottom @ frou frou

shoes: occult – neko slippers socks

pose: le poppycock – heartache (final text) @ chapter four



chez moi – sleep tight gacha – bed spring @ gacha garden

chez moi – sleep tight gacha – small fireplace copper @ gacha garden

chez moi – side table

chez moi – valentine rug @ the liaison collaborative

{YD} Burger Hungry – Hamburger Meat @ chapter four

{YD} Burger Hungry – Hamburger with Cutlery @ chapter four

{YD} Burger Hungry – Bread @ chapter four

{YD} Burger Hungry – Cheese @ chapter four

{YD} Burger Hungry – Lettuce @ chapter four

{YD} Burger Hungry – Tomato @ chapter four



Smiling Has Always Been Easier Than Explaining Why You Are Sad

head: catwa – uma

hair: BMS – hair bmgh 07 (snow white) @ the chapter four

eyes: nini – jenny collection @ etoile

lashes: michan – jennie lashes @ anybody

lips: s0ng – fluffy lipstick @ etoile

inner top: vincue – bombie+top *group gift*

jacket: vincue – bombie+jacket @ the seasons story

hair bow: vincue & momento – evie+bow (thistle)

nails: slackgirl – illusion bento nails @ the chapter four

necklace & bracelet: dahlia – pontia @ the project se7en