Look Up At The Sky, Not Down At Your Feet

pastel me second life cute kawaii decor blog fashion sl

head: catwa – catya

skin: enfer sombre – lis(a) @ limit8

hair: love – stupify (funky ombre) @ the coven

outfit: uniwaii – rocniwaii shirt and skirt @ cosmopolitan

shoes: astralia x momento – notice me senpai – ultra rare 1 sneakers @ kustom9

shoes decor: astralia x momento – notice me senpai – ultra rare 1 deco @ kustom9

socks: astralia x momento – notice me senpai – rare 1 socks @ kustom9



astralia – surrealistic backdrop (sprinkles) @ pocket gacha

Let Me Stay In My Happy Little Place

pastel me second life fashion cute decor kawaii sl blog

head: catwa – catya

skin: enfer sombre – ellen @ collabor88

lips: enfer sombre – plastik lipstick set @ collabor88

head acc: olive – prisma head charm @ prismagica

hair: olive – mia hair (grayscale)

eyes: slackgirl – beauty kit – fly eyes for catwa & lelutka @ pocket gacha august

nails: slackgirl – beauty kit – bento ballerina mesh nails 1 @ pocket gacha

lashes: michan – nozomi lashes @ anybody until aug 15th

outfit: astralia – flowers within bodysuit + add on @ collabor88

legs: astralia – flowers within legwarmers @ collabor88

necklace: boutique #187# – mooncat necklace kitsune @ the coven



{moss&mink} 3D Butterfly

{moss&mink} Day Hammock

Relationship Between Knight And Healer Is Unbreakable Cause We Need Each Other

pastel me fashion cute sl blog second life

hair: vco – hair 01 (two ton lavender)

skin: vco – moco (pale tone)

eyes: michan – hime circle lens *group gift*

lashes: michan – nozomi lashes @ anybody

outfit: belle epoque – free spirit – dress RARE @ pocket gacha

headdress: belle epoque – free spirit – headpiece white @ pocket gacha

gloves: belle epoque – free spirit – gloves white @ pocket gacha

wand: belle epoque – free spirit – staff white @ pocket gacha



by nacht – lunar temple @ the coven

MICHAN ~ Hime Circle Lens

michan pastel me circle lens eyes catwa applier gift sl second life

These eyes appliers, or what I’d rather call circle lens, are for Catwa rigged and unrigged eyes. For Catwa eyes owners, they can easily adjust the diameter and position of the eyes textures with Catwa Eyes HUD. For people without Catwa Eyes HUD but own Catwa head and eyes, you don’t need to adjust anything cause it looks like in the ad above. It works on any Catwa eyes that you get from your Catwa head packs.

There’s a 50L fee to join the group and you can get new releases updates and monthly gifts in the group. MICHAN’s first group gift is now available on the store. TELEPORT NOW


Good Food Is Always Good Mood

pastel me second life fashion kawaii cute sl blog

head: catwa – catya

skin: enfer sombre – ellen skin @ collabor88

eyes: enfer sombre – aurora eyes @ prismagica

lashes: michan – nozomi lashes @ anybody

hair: love – sleepy eyes (blond) @ the liaison collaborative

outfit: mignon – my “70’s punk” look @ rewind

tray: belle epoque – pop diner – tray (pink)

hair: ayashi – kizushi hair (blond)

outfit: belle epoque – garden day – dress RARE @ chapter four

shoes: belle epoque – sandals pink @ chapter four

hat: belle epoque – hat pink @ chapter four

basket: belle epoque – basket white @ chapter four

nails: slackgirl – french luna mesh nails @ designer circle


chez moi – hanging table alexandria @ cosmopolitan

Apple Fall Privet Ball (Variegated)

Sometimes You Have to Just Let Go and See What Happens

pastel me second life kawaii decor cute fashion blog sl

hair: doe – babe (pastel) @ epiphany

eyes: enfer sombre – aurora eyes @ prismagica

lips: more more – sweet lip gloss @ prismagica

makeup: mika – diamond freckles (omega applier) @ prismagica

lashes – MICHAN – kanamari lashes @ prismagica

shape: MICHAN – kana shape @ prismagica

bracelet ring: astralia – natsumi hand bracelet @ prismagica

outfit: bada – eve night dress RARE 02 @ fantasy gacha carnival

necklace: les sucreries de fairy – cute pastel moon (blue necklace) @ the coven

head accessories: les sucreries de fairy – cute pastel moon (blue head decor) @ the coven

pose: elephante poses – full moon @ the coven

nails: slackgirl – aracno stiletto mesh nails @ the darkness monthly



bada – eve night house RARE @ fantasy gacha carnival

{moss&mink} Chest Drawers @ rewind opens august 10th

{moss&mink} Egg Chair @ rewind

{moss&mink} Hanging records @ rewind

les sucreries de fairy – * Cute Pastel Moon * Pink Floating Moon RARE @ the coven

We Are Living On This Planet As If We Had Another One To Go

pastel me second life fashion cute sl blog

hair: moon hair – ccxx (blonde) @ the coven

skin: enfer sombre – gabrielle

headband: half deer – blossom baby – wild flower crown – mix @ epiphany

outfit: mignon – foret aux fees dress RARE @ mysterious forest

legs: mignon – foret aux fees ivy leg wrap @ mysterious forest

horn: Yokai – Magical forest – Horns Herbal RARE @ mysterious forest

wings: Yokai – Child of nature – Wings (green) @ fantasy carnival gacha



1.Yokai – Child of nature – Little elf RARE @ fantasy carnival gacha

2.Yokai – Child of nature – Leaf boat (green) @ fantasy carnival gacha

6.Yokai – Magical Mushrooms – Toxic (lime) @ gacha garden

7.Yokai – Magical Mushrooms – Toxic (yellow) @ gacha garden

2.Yokai – Magical Mushrooms – Pholiota (ginger) @ gacha garden

10.Yokai – Magical Mushrooms – Mushroom w roses (lilac) @ gacha garden

13.Yokai – Magical Mushrooms – Mushroom w roses (sky) @ gacha garden

lovely alien – shattered crystals @ prismagica


Try to Be A Rainbow in Someone’s Cloud

pastel me second life cute kawaii decor makeup blog sl

head: catwa – catya

skin: enfer sombre – gabrielle

lips: enfer sombre – lisi @ sanarae

hair: vallani – annika hair @ the coven

eyes: slackgirl – paris eyes

lashes: MICHAN – nozomi lashes @ anybody

bindi: warpaint – festival bindi @ the coven

tears: konpeitou – prism tears @ prismagica

choker: oppa – moon necklace @ the coven

nails + skeleten gloves: astralia – skeleton hands + add on + nails @ fameshed

face tattoo: stardust – bellana @ prismagica

bracelet: sorbet – pompom jewels @ prismagica

bangle: dahlia – luna bracelet @ the coven

drink: hazy – unicorn sweets 9 @ prismagica



1.Yokai – Fly Me To The Moon – Moon RARE @ the coven

18.Yokai – Fly Me To The Moon – Stars (lilac) @ the coven

4.Yokai – Fly Me To The Moon – Stellar deer (purple ) @ the coven

6.Yokai – Fly Me To The Moon – moth (pink) @ the coven

12.Yokai – Fly Me To The Moon – Fish (red) @ the coven

MICHAN ~ KanaMari Lashes

michan kana mari catwa lashes mesh head eyelashes prismagica kawaii

KanaMari lashes are a set of 14 pairs of lashes that’s just released exclusively for Prismagica event. It is sold separately as Kana lashes and Mari lashes, each of the pack has 6 pairs of lashes. Kana being very soft, short and more natural, while Mari is a tad bit longer but still soft and more visible when worn. There are 2 extra pairs of lashes in the fatpack as bonus. I also put Kana shape (on the right) on sale at the same event as well.

Prismagica event will open on August 5th at noon SLT. TELEPORT

MICHAN ~ Nozomi Lashes

michan catwa eyelashes lashes gyaru second life sl

For the anyBODY’s first round of August, I release these set of lashes. It is inspired by some of the gyaru lashes that I love to wear in rl. Some look subtle, some look a bit too much because I mix hime gyaru and rokku gyaru lashes styles for this set ^-^ Hope you like these as I really enjoy making these Nozomi Lashes.

This set has 5 upper and lower lashes which you can mix and match on your catwa lashes HUD (you can get the HUD for free on catwa mainstore) after you save the upper and lower lashes individually on the HUD. Lashes no 3 to 5 are quite long that even if you wear eyeliner, they are still visible ^^ If you’re into gyaru makeup and style like I do, these might be the right lashes that will complement your gyaru look 😀

Last but not least, these lashes are available on anyBODY event from August 4th until August 15th. As usual the price is lower during the event. These lashes are now available in the mainstore. TELEPORT NOW


Products used on the ads:

head: catwa – catya

skin: enfer sombre – miyu

eyes: mudskin – rose # 15

lashes: michan – nozomi lashes @ anyBODY until aug 15th

lips: painted

hair: vallani – ellie hair *1L gift* bento animated @ marketplace


head: catwa – catya

skin: enfer sombre – enferra

lips: painted

eyes: mudskin – rose #15

lashes: michan – nozomi lashes

hair: oleander – izzy