Under The Same Sky

pastel me second life fashion decor cute kawaii style blog sl

head: tsg – Mizu

hair: Doe – Emerson (monotones)

hair accessory: Kyoko Couture – KC no 68 – 7

dress: Hazy – My Lady 01 @ SaNaRae

socks: Zenith – Vintage Mid Socks (pink)

drinks: Ninety – old soda

hair: Dura – Anime 05 (white)

top: Spirit – Ambra Top

pants: Gabriel – Ankle Pants (gray)

dog: Pink Acid – Our Dear Ivy English Bulldog Male 01 RARE


Chimia – Overtime Chair (black) @ Cosmopolitan

Jian – Posh Pups (black)

Shabby Tabby – Antwerp Table

Bazar – Toronto Computer

Dust Bunny – Beaded Lamp

amiable – Lemonade Dispenser Gacha 02

amiable – Lemonade Dispenser Gacha 13

dami – yum-yum snack! #6

DRD- RB – #7 windowframe

A.D.D.Andel – Party Balloons

C L A Vv. – Takoyaki @ Bon Pewpew! Golden Dinner @ Bon Voyage

Pewpew! Golden Dinner – Bowl


All Dreams Are But Another Reality

pastel me second life fashion decor pose style blog sl cute kawaii

head: Catwa – Dyana

lips: Pink Acid – Kappukeki Glitter Gloss (baby pink)

hair: Pr!tty – Kimmi (pastel) @ The Chapter Four

dress: Kendrasy Creations – Ona Dress with HUD @ marketplace

socks + shoes: mignon – magical lolita shoes (white)

pose: Belle Poses – Emma

head: tsg – Mizu (vampy tone)

hair: Doe – Chlo (blonde) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

bow: Olive – Dolly bow

eyes: tsg – Summer eyes (light brown)

lashes: Mignon – decora party Hime RARE

dress: mignon – little doll cafe maid (grape)

shoes: mignon – sweet dreamy shoes (lilac)

phone: Le Coq D’or – Pokemon phones – #2 Pikachu pink RARE @ Lost and Found

pose: Mikoto – Momo C

head: tsg – Mikki (x tone)

eyes: tsg – Luminate (ice blue)

hair: Vallani – Melony (pastel pack) @ SaNaRae August 2016

headband: Kyoko Couture – no 70 head ribbon side

choker: BCC – Haruna neko choker @ Bon Voyage

outfit: mignon – Virginity dress fat RARE @ Whimsical

shoes: mignon – Virginity shoes (pink) @ Whismsical

pokeball: Shiro Tsuki – Trainer Belt – pokeball (holdable)

pose: Mouni Poses – single 1 @ Expose event opens Aug 30th


Pillows – Winter Princess Lounge Chair

Half Deer – Coming Up Roses White Frame

BananaN – Room Divider

Dust Bunny – Ruffle Chair

Kalopsia – Emily’s Faux Fur Rug


You Can’t Sit With Us

pastel me second life fashion pose cute style blog sl kawaii

head: tsg – Mizu

hair: Vallani – Taylor (blonde)

dress: Kendrasy Creations – Daliah Dress with HUD @ marketplace

shoes: Empire – Bergamot

chair + pose: Purple Poses – Baroque Chair @ Collabor88 Aug 2016

head: VCO – Risa

hair: Due – Itano (ombre 6) @ The Chapter Four

choker: Pink Acid – Bow Trinket Choker

outfit: Blueberry – Clare

shoes: Mignon – Big Bow SP Shoes (bberry)


Fawny – The Legend of Unicorns 6

ChicChica – Rita Oak Panel


Just Stay Close

pastel me second life school look teen fashion blog kawaii sl


head: Vco – Risa

body: Maitreya – Lara

hair: Due – Lan (ombre 2)

choker: Pink Acid – Bow Trinket Choker

outfit: M.Birdie – School Look S/S type C2 RARE @ Okinawa Summer Festival

belt: Shiro Tsuki – Trainer Belt

socks: Atomic – Spring Frill Socks (shell)

shoes: Flite – Long Beach Low Tops

Pose: Purple Poses – Couple 500 @ N21


hair: Dura – B&G 63

outfit: Ronomomo – type A2 @ Okinawa Summer Festival

shoes: The Boutique / Men – Studded Canvas Sneaker

watch: Ronomomo – School Look S/S Watch 3 @ Okinawa Summer Festival



You Put The Rainbow in My Eyes


pastel me second life fashion decor style pose blog cute sl

head: Catwa – Dyana

skin: Enfer Sombre – Gaby

lips: Enfer Sombre – May

hair: Amitomo – Minimalism Gacha RARE 2 Hair @ Kustom9

buns: Sintiklia – Buns *gift* @ Hair Fair 2016

choker: Pink Acid – Bow Trinket Choker *gift*

outfit: Amitomo – Minimalism Gacha 9 @ Kustom9

socks & shoes: Amitomo – Joining you Gacha 11

pose: Mikoto – Yoko B


Shabby Tabby – Chinoiserie Dark Candles

Shabby Tabby – Chinoiserie Dark Chair

Shabby Tabby – Chinoiserie Dark Mirror

Shabby Tabby – Chinoiserie Dark Flower 1

Shabby Tabby – Chinoiserie Dark Flower 3

Shabby Tabby – Giverny Candle

Brocante – Console Table

Chimia – Golden Workflow Artpiece @ The Crossroads July

I’d Go Back In Time & Change It But I Can’t

pastel me second life fashion style pose blog sl


head: Catwa – Dyanna

body: Maitreya – Lara

skin: Enfer Sombre – Emi (my photo is retouched with painted shadows and highlights to give more depth)

hair: Due – Kikuchi (ombre 2)

choker: Pink Acid – Locket of Love Diamond Choker

outfit: Amitomo – joining you 5

shoes: Essence – Gambia

pose (left): Mikoto – Tomiko A

pose (right): Mikoto – Hayden 4


I’ll Be Here Waiting For You

pastel me second life final fantasy cute cosplay squall rinoa sl

My first babble in a while! Since it’s cosplay shoot I just had to say random things again. First off, aside of making new friend with Light recently. (It’s funny how his name is Light and I’m Misa and we didn’t know each other until a while ago lol). Turns out, we both have passion for cosplaying and also anime & games. One of them is definitely Final Fantasy VIII. As old as it is, I personally have some sort of too much feels with Final Fantasy VIII especially Squall and Rinoa. It was the first RPG game that I played when I was so little and I liked it soo much to the point that I replayed it multiple times. It was a fun experience looking for all the stuff I needed for this cosplay.

So about 2 weeks ago I was on collabor88 and saw the long skirt Spirit released, and was like omg it looks like Rinoa outfit! Too bad they don’t have blue color, but the dusty blue they have is close enough so I got it. But of course, in this photo I had to paint it more blue to match Rinoa’s color. I’m sorry for that. It’s just so hard to find cosplay outfit and accessories I needed everytime, and I always want to go for that original cosplay outfit if I could. I also repainted the armwarmers to match the blue skirt. Too bad I couldn’t find the exact top and above the knee pants that Rinoa wears, so I got Blueberry romper that I really like also from Collabor88. They fit like a charm, except when doing certain poses. But for normal wear, they are so good together (I use the one fitted for Maitreya). I was also so glad I could find the necklace with double rings. I got it from Meli Imako and it’s actually for male lol but it can be modified and resized pretty well.

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the finished photos and there will be more cosplay photos coming next time. Thank you Light for cosplaying with me! 🙂

Rinoa stylecard

head: The Sugar Garden – Mikki Kissy *Ulzzang*

body: Maitreya – Lara

hair: Ayashi – Sia

choker: Pink Acid – Trinket Bow Choker

necklace: Meli Imako – Mesh Men’s Necklace with Rings

outer skirt: Spirit – Sianna shirt @ Collabor88

romper: Blueberry – Clare (black) @ Collabor88

armwarmers: Agapee – Bess Turtle Neck & Arm Warmers

pose (left): Rinoa pose customized from ~ Focus Poses – Here and Now

pose (right): RK Poses – Truly Yours


Little Branch – Bouton d’or

Half Deer – Sakura Petals

Sometimes the Best Things in Life Are Unseen

pastel me second life summer fashion blog cute kawaii sl style

body: Maitreya – Lara

hair: Due – Xuan (B&W)

sunglasses: Katat0nik – Bunny Sunglasses

choker: Pink Acid – Bow Trinket Choker

top: Kendrasy Creations – Dina Top on marketplace

chain: Addams – Lixie Chain Belt

pants: Foxes – Tassle Kini Bottom from Luxe Box June 2016

pose + board: Studio 15 – Bathing Beauty for The Pose Hop June

phone: Le Coq D’or – Fruit Phones Gacha – Pineapple 1 RARE @ The Showroom


The Loft – Verona pool

dlab – Panda float

Thaino Designs – Fruit Crate @ Gacha Good

Thaino Designs – Cocktails @ Gacha Good


Kawaii Decora

pastel me second life fashion style blog kawaii decora sl

head: The Sugar Garden – Mikki Kissy (senpai)

hair: Olive – Lullabies Hair (bubble goth) @ The Arcade Gacha

eyes: The Sugar Garden – Luminate

lashes: Lovely Alien – Starry Eyelashes

eye decor + lashes: Mignon – Decora Party (skull candy)

vest: Sorbet – Combo Plastique

undies: Kyoko Couture – KC no 66 Serina (pink) applier for Slink and Maitreya + system layers @ Creators Collection Box

candies: Sue Cream – Chu Lollipop gacha – candy 1

bracelet: The Sugar Garden – Decora bow bracelet *group gift*

ring 1: Pink Acid – Whipped Ice Cream Ring (purpleberry)

ring 2: Mignon – Bunny Gem Ring

ring3: The Sugar Garden – Decora Bow Ring *group gift*

bow: The Sugar Garden – decora bow *group gift*

necklace: The Sugar Garden – Candy Heart Necklace *group gift*

flowers: The Sugar Garden – Rose Accessory *group gift*

nails: The Sugar Garden – Pink Bunny *group gift*

pose: Mikoto – Kitty A

Moon Viewing

pastel me second life styla fashion blog kawaii cute sl

head: VCO – Risa

body: Maitreya – Lara

hair: Spellbound – Antisocialite – Angst Chapter III Magic

choker: Pink Acid – Bow Trinket Choker

top: Blueberry – Leign Bustiers from Luxe Box May

pants: Blueberry – Cossy – Denim Ripped Shorts (blue)

shoes: Cloud – Luvie Heels RARE

bag: Le Coq D’or – Crazy Clutches gacha (holographic) RARE @ The Showroom

pose: Mouni Poses – Single Pose Bike 5

car: [AM] – Cinque V3