One’s Daily Happiness Depends On A Leisurely Breakfast

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-misa- (right)

body: Maitreya – Lara

skin: VCO – Nini 10

lips: VCO – Popo

hair: Besom – Tease (blonde) @ Fameshed

outfit: Dami – All Mine gacha 2 @ The Chapter Four

shoes: Kendrasy Creations – Daphne Pumps with colors HUD @ marketplace

-sera- (left)

style card is on sera’s blog


Lovefox – Anime Room – Magical Girl’s Books UNCOMMON
.random.Matter. – Kawaii Kitchen – Bunny Timer [Rose]
+Half-Deer+ – Meowpaca – Look at Meow (Pastel)
+Half-Deer+ – Meowpaca – Roll Over (Pastel)
Heart Shaped Dreamer – Area Rug
Heart Shaped Dreamer – DayBed RARE
Heart Shaped Dreamer – Jar Candles
Heart Shaped Dreamer – Bedside Table
!! Follow Us !! – Magazine (open)
+Half-Deer+ – Coming up Roses Frame
{BunBun} – Sugar Sweet – Picture Frames
SAYO – Stationed in Soho Gacha – Art Frames – Common
Apt B – Hello Billy – Frames
[n.i] – brunchtime.regrets.juice.decanters
[n.i] – brunchtime.regrets.creme.brulee
[BunBun] – DayDream – Planners
zerkalo – Faded Charm – White Roses
[BunBun] – DayDream – Pillows
*ionic* – El zorrito
Luas – Kawaii Pancakes
.Atomic. –  Fluffy Macarons (Raspberry)

When All Else Fails, Take A Nap

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head: VCO – Risa

body – Maitreya – Lara

hair: Doe – Miffy (monotone) @ The Epiphany

outfit: Amitomo – Summer School Uniform #2

socks: Wretch – Overknee Socks

shoes: Mignon – Little Doll Cafe Maid Shoes (chestnut) @ The Epiphany

pose: Mouni Poses – Couple Pose @ Magazine Fashion Event


Kalopsia – L’lspahan Stand – Strawberry

Kalopsia – L’lspahan Tray – Straw/Caramel

Kalopsia – Macaron Box

Lovefox – Anime Room – Sticky Magazines RARE @ Manga Fair

Lovefox – Anime Room – Magical Girl’s Books UNCOMMON @ Manga Fair

Lovefox – Anime Room – Posters @ Manga Fair

Lovefox – Anime Room – Big Shelf UNCOMMON @ Manga Fair

Lovefox – Anime Room – Kuma Rug RARE @ Manga Fair

Atomic – Fluffy Macarons (raspberry) @ The Kawaii Project

Atomic – Fluffy Macarons (chocolate) @ The Kawaii Project

Half Deer – Wood & Roses Letters (light)

Just Stay Close

pastel me second life school look teen fashion blog kawaii sl


head: Vco – Risa

body: Maitreya – Lara

hair: Due – Lan (ombre 2)

choker: Pink Acid – Bow Trinket Choker

outfit: M.Birdie – School Look S/S type C2 RARE @ Okinawa Summer Festival

belt: Shiro Tsuki – Trainer Belt

socks: Atomic – Spring Frill Socks (shell)

shoes: Flite – Long Beach Low Tops

Pose: Purple Poses – Couple 500 @ N21


hair: Dura – B&G 63

outfit: Ronomomo – type A2 @ Okinawa Summer Festival

shoes: The Boutique / Men – Studded Canvas Sneaker

watch: Ronomomo – School Look S/S Watch 3 @ Okinawa Summer Festival



Wait No More

pastel me second life fashion blog cute kawaii style sl

head: tsg – Mikki Kissy RARE x tone @ The Kawaii Project

hair: Lovey Dovey – Alyssa (unicorn) @ Whimsical

bangs: Lovey Dovey – bangs add on (unicorn)

dress: dami – love blossom short dress 6 @ Whimsical

sailor collar: dami – Sailor Collar Cape SW @ Whimsical

hairband: Kyoko Couture – Head Ribbon no 70

shoes: Reign – Madison Flats with socks

pose: Mouni Poses – Single Female Pack 1 pose 4

head: SomeMore – Saebom tone 2

hair: Ayashi – Saily (blond)

outfit: dami – boxyfit t-shirt + skirt #15

socks: Atomic Apparel – Spril Frill Socks (shell)

shoes: Reign – Harlee Plats (pomegranate)

hair accessories: Tee*fy – Dango Beret (red/white)

pose: Chat Noir – Girls Relaxing Pose 01 for The Pose Hop May


Shabby Tabby – Whiskey + Lace Chair

Cherry House – Alice Patio Fence 02 @ Whimsical

Cherry House – Alice Patio – Outdoor Benches @ Whimsical

Cherry House – Alice Patio – Birdcage Road Lead @ Whimsical

Sayo – Bungalow Retreat Gacha – Bungalow RARE @ Whimsical

Different Sides

pastel me second life kawaii style blog fashion sl cute lolita

Don’t you have different part of you that not really visible to other people? I do. I think many people do too 😮 I try to portray it on the photo above with the part of me who likes all cute pink pastel colors, hime lolita style with pigtails and frilly stuff. But there are times I want to be just simple and wear all black, still with a hint of pink though haha. Both dresses are from Lovefox, both has different textures HUD for the bow parts. I also used the things I got from Fifty Linden Friday yesterday and last week in the background. Sometimes I forgot what I got and bought and only found it a while later lol.

*what I’m wearing*

head: SomeMore – Saebom mesh head (basic) @ SaNaRae

hair: EMBW – Thenid Hair (ombre II)

dress: Lovefox – Babydoll Dress (Black Cat)

hat: Lovefox – Witch Hat (bow)

shoes: Fri – Kendall Platforms (pewter)

pose: Mikoto – Kyoto C

head: SomeMore – Saebom mesh head (wink) @ SaNaRae

hair: Lovey Dovey – Martini (Mish Mash)

bangs: Lovey Dovey – Add on bangs (Mish Mash)

dress: Lovefox – Babydoll Dress (lolita)

choker: Lovefox – Kawaii Neko Collar

socks: atomic apparel – spring frill socks (shell)

shoes: Reign – Darling Wedges (bubblegum)

pose: Mikoto – Honey E


Kalopsia – Arrow Curtains (vintage)

Brocante – Side Table (whitewash)

Frayed Knot – Butterfly Frame 11 @ SaNaRae

Glam Affair Home – Detroit Pastels Head @ Lost and Found

Selfie Saturday

pastelme second life kawaii cute fashion blog sl

That moment when you take forever to get a couple of good selfies to post…. or in this case snapshot to blog. Me and Sera always take hours to prepare and take good pictures. But it’s always fun and nice when finally I get that good photo that I’m satisfied with, so yay!

*what I’m wearing*

head: VCO – Risa mesh head

body: Maitreya – Lara

skin: VCO – light tone applier

hair: Due – Teresa (ombre 2) @ The Kawaii Project

top: M.Birdie – School Look f/w Top 4 C @ Epiphany

skirt: M.Birdie – Skirt 1 D @ Epiphany

socks: [atomic] apparel – Spring Frill Socks (shell)

headband: Le Coq D’or – My Bunny Gacha – Bunny Ear Lilac RARE

choker: Le Coq D’or – My Bunny Gacha – Bunny Bow Pink

phone: Le Coq D’or – Yummy Phone {2} RARE @ The Showroom

bag: The Sugar Garden – Fuzzy Beary Bag

shoes: M.Birdie – ein look loafer 3

pose: Focus Poses – Friends 66


Check out Sera’s blog for her outfit and style card 😀

Sisters ❤

pastel second life fashion blog

“I know some sisters who only see each other on Mother’s Day and some who will never speak again. But most are like my sister and me… linked by volatile love, best friends who make other best friends ever so slightly less best.” – Patricia Volk

Bad times or good times, real life or second life, we can count on each other… that’s what you are to me, precious and irreplaceable. ^-^


hair : spellbound – melody (prints)

outfit : amiable – I am dreaming of you gacha

socks : atomic – spring frill socks (shell) @ collabor88

choker : black bantam – fresh water pearls

necklace : altair – bunny magic necklace (yellow)

slippers : tsg – puffpuff slippers (bubblegum)

Doll Trap

second life pastel cute fashion

first of all, new blog yay finally a blog of my own 😀 even though probably no one is reading it lol~

but anyway, my first outfit post on the blog. and of course it’s pink.. 😀 i match it with other pink and white stuff that i love, credits below.


hair – taketomi – Akemi II

eyes – tsg – summer eyes (light brown)

dress – zenith – vintage rose dress (pink) @ collabor88 March

shoes – Reign – Harlee Plats (bubblegum)

socks – Atomic – spring frills socks (shell) @ collabor88 March

hair accessories – altair – starry clips (pink)

choker – black bantam – fresh water pearls choker

necklace – zenith – lace mirror collar (with HUD!) @ collabor88 March

bag – zenith – autumn leather bag (rose)