Different Sides

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Don’t you have different part of you that not really visible to other people? I do. I think many people do too 😮 I try to portray it on the photo above with the part of me who likes all cute pink pastel colors, hime lolita style with pigtails and frilly stuff. But there are times I want to be just simple and wear all black, still with a hint of pink though haha. Both dresses are from Lovefox, both has different textures HUD for the bow parts. I also used the things I got from Fifty Linden Friday yesterday and last week in the background. Sometimes I forgot what I got and bought and only found it a while later lol.

*what I’m wearing*

head: SomeMore – Saebom mesh head (basic) @ SaNaRae

hair: EMBW – Thenid Hair (ombre II)

dress: Lovefox – Babydoll Dress (Black Cat)

hat: Lovefox – Witch Hat (bow)

shoes: Fri – Kendall Platforms (pewter)

pose: Mikoto – Kyoto C

head: SomeMore – Saebom mesh head (wink) @ SaNaRae

hair: Lovey Dovey – Martini (Mish Mash)

bangs: Lovey Dovey – Add on bangs (Mish Mash)

dress: Lovefox – Babydoll Dress (lolita)

choker: Lovefox – Kawaii Neko Collar

socks: atomic apparel – spring frill socks (shell)

shoes: Reign – Darling Wedges (bubblegum)

pose: Mikoto – Honey E


Kalopsia – Arrow Curtains (vintage)

Brocante – Side Table (whitewash)

Frayed Knot – Butterfly Frame 11 @ SaNaRae

Glam Affair Home – Detroit Pastels Head @ Lost and Found

Fairy is Real!

pastel me sl style second life fashion cute blog

head: SomeMore – Saebom @ SaNaRae

body: Maitreya – Lara

skin: SomeMore tone 2 (included in mesh head pack)

dress: Moon Amore – Ceres Dress (pink)

hair: Argrace – Haruka (whites)

crown: Le Coq D’or – Fairies gacha – coronet (2) @ Fair Play

flower crown: Le Coq D’or – Tropical Magic gacha – coronet (pink)

wings: Le Coq D’or – Fairies gacha – wings (white) RARE @ Fair Play

jar: Le Coq D’or – Fairies gacha – fairy treasure (1) @ Fair Play

ring: Le Coq D’or – Rainbow Butterfly gacha – ring (rainbow)

arm bracelet : Le Coq D’or – Fairies gacha – flower bracelet (2) @ Fair Play

pose: Mikoto – Shiro [A]



Half Deer – Glitter Field – Stars

Half Deer – Sakura Petals

8f8 – Silent Conversations – Sakura Tree

Get Up and Go

pastel me sl second life kawaii style cute fashion blog

If you ask me what my favorite color is, I’d definitely say lilac!! in a heartbeat. Though I mostly wear pink, but once in a while I’d go full lilac like today. I can’t tell you how much I love love love these accessories from Le Coq D’or. It’s from Rainbow Butterfly gacha series.

head: VCO – Risa

body: Maitreya – Lara

hair: elikatira – Brielle (whites)

top : The Secret Store – Eva Lacey Tank (bloom) @ Collabor88

bottom : The Secret Store – Paula Denim Shorts (minty) @ Collabor88

necklace : Le Coq D’or – Rainbow Butterfly gacha – necklace (lilac)

ring: Le Coq D’or – Rainbow Butterfly gacha – ring (lilac)

choker : #Foxy – Stay Cute Collar (Innocent)

hair accessories:  Le Coq D’or – Rainbow Butterfly gacha – hairpin (lilac)

bag : Luas – Flower Bag (purple) @ Lost and Found April

book : Le Coq D’or – Movie Book Cluth – The Hunger Games @ The Showroom (only 50L per play!)

Cling to You

pastel me second life cute fashion blog sl

First off, yay I got the rare Saebom head from SomeMore! Well, I think I always have no luck when it comes to gacha item that I wanted. I only got rare gacha for the things I didn’t expect. But they say when you expect something, you get nothing. I don’t remember where I heard it from but yeah haha it’s better not to expect anything I guess xD and, I got so many commons that I gave some extra away. My sister also helped me to get the rare, but no luck. Cause maybe she used up all her luck to get herself a rare head for her already lol. Anyway, Nicole was kind enough to get me the rare head, well her boyfriend did. And after I put it on, I was like it’s so prettyyy! Although I wish in the future More More or SomeMore would make another mesh head that is not gacha and will come with dev kit so that means more possible appliers, just so 1000 girls won’t look like they come from the same mother haha. But all is good so far, I really enjoy this mesh head. It also comes with the Slink and Maitreya HUD with 2 skin tones options. The rare head also comes with makeup HUD and 5 expressions head, which unfortunately have to be detached and reattached manually just like VCO. I love the makeup HUD though! And I love how they include no hairbase option on the HUD.

Since I felt dolly and pretty, after shopping on SaNaRae, I just felt like taking picture. My sister Sera mentioned about a beautiful sim that is open for public (we took a picture there too a day before) so I dragged Dai-chan and went to the sim. Marc did such an awesome job with the sim and all the buildings and decor there. With a cute couple pose that I just got from Mouni Poses, I am pretty much content with the finished photo. Don’t we look cute? haha


*what I wear*

head: SomeMore Saebom mesh head @ SaNaRae

body: Maitreya – Lara

skin: SomeMore Saebom skin applier tone 2 (included in the mesh head pack)

hair: Barber YumYum – 710 (anime) @ SaNaRae

top: pixicat – dusk top

pants: The Secret Store – Paula Denim Shorts (minty) @ Collabor88

pose: Mouni PosesCouple Pose 6

location: Playa Flamingo

Over the Rainbow

pastel me second life sl fashion kawaii blog

Wearing cute things all at once surely make me so fluffy and kawaii. The cute beary headphone is from +pure.of.heart+ called Bearytuneage Headphone, which comes with the Heartbeatz POD open clip also in rainbow colors. Both items are original mesh, and the headphone have 2 sizes for wide hair and/or rounded head people. Both items can be found on Over the Rainbow event, a charity event specially created to support little Huntar who is battling the late stage of Burkitt Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. All proceeds from the sales go towards the family. More info on the fundraising can be found here.

The kawaii neko collar is from Lovefox. It is mesh, and unrigged so it’s resizable to your liking. The cute paddle is also from pure.of.heart, strawberry flavored 😀 It has no animation but it easily fits into any poses and can be adjusted quickly. And the adorable fortune cookie is a new April gift which can be found on the mainstore. Quick grab it only until this April. It has 3 colors, pink, purple, and red.

 *what I’m wearing*
hair: Ayashi – Maemi hair (blond)
top: Tee*fy – Kelly Knotted Tank (pink)
headphone: pure.of.heart – Beary Tunage Headphone @ Over The Rainbow

clip: pure.of.heart – Heartbeatz POD @ Over The Rainbow

paddle: pure.of.heart – Sweet Treat Paddle (strawberry)

collar: Lovefox – Kawaii Neko Collar

mouthie: pure.of.heart – Fortune of Love (pink) group gift

bracelets: Black Bantam – Time is Love Watch & Bracelet set (gold) @ The Dressing Room

Nap Time

pastel me second life blog cute fashion sl

It’s finally weekends! Watching korean or japanese dramas on the weekends is what I always do. But when I fall asleep doing that, I feel like it’s a waste of time because I only have free time mostly on the weekends lol. That’s what I’m trying to show in the photo above xD doing nothing, just laying down, slacking in front of the laptop, completely me time 😀

The cute rug I’m on is Clow Carpet; Sun from {Lovefox}, it’s Cardcaptor Sakura inspired (I missed that anime so much!) and the rug comes with 3 poses, each is clickable on the left wing, right wing and kero cushions on the rug.

*what I wear*

headband: Altair – Cat Headband (blonde) @ Epiphany

hair: pr!tty – Lisa (grayscale ombres)

outfit: sweet thing – sailor cutie gacha set (yellow)

slippers: 2PM – goodnight slippers (violet)


Lovefox – Clow Carpet; Sun

Bazar – Paris armchair

Bazar – Paris – wine bottle spilled

Bazar – Paris – books

Anc – flottante puppy lay A & B

Half Deer – Fairy Curtain (pink)

Nomi – Spring Room bed

little bones – “nope” wet towels

Apt B – Vintage Corner – shelf

Jian – Silly Shibes – Sleepy Pup RARE @ Epiphany

[RI] – Lovely Lappy (minty)

Alchemist – Ice Cream Display & Ice


pastel me second life cute fashion blog sl style

Why You No Text

pastel me second life cute fashion blog sl style

hair: Due – Heather (b&w)

top: Mint – Flower Power Bartlett Top (teal)

pants: Addams – Lixie Ripped Skinny Jeans

shoes: momento – star platform heels (mint) @ The Kustom9

phone: VCO – Honey Deco Phone (choco snow)

accessories: Black Bantam – Time is Love Watch & Bracelet set @ The Dressing Room



Shabby Tabby – Limbourg Stool @ The Instruments

Shabby Tabby – Antwerp Rug @ The Instruments

Shabby Tabby – Antwerp Table @ The Instruments

Shabby Tabby – Limbourg Tapestry @ The Instruments

Shabby Tabby – Otobe Tealight @ LTD The Event

Half Deer – Meowpaca – Go go go! @ Epiphany


Quality Time

pastel me second life cute kawaii fashion blog style

head: VCO – Risa mesh head

body: Maitreya – Lara

hair: Due – Inka (ombre 5) @ Epiphany

dress: nomi – Hyakiyakou RARE

fan: Le Coq D’or – Lotus Song Gacha – Ultiva (pink garden) RARE @ The Creativity Collective

pipe: Le Coq D’or – Lotus Song Gacha – Pipe RARE @ The Creativity Collective

crown: Le Coq D’or – Lotus Song Gacha – Crown (lilac) RARE @ The Creativity Collective

eyepatch: Silvery K – Lace (eye light purple) 2

build: Funky Junk – Willa Gazebo

decor: Junk – Candle bucket (light)

table set: Shabby Tabby – Otobe Set sold separately and as a set @ LTD The Event

A New Day

pastelme second life kawaii cute fashion blog sl

I was just waking up in the morning then my sister asked me to take picture with her so I was like oh okay sure… and here I am looking confused and sleepy, not sure what’s going on haha. We actually just moved (again) and she did such a great job in decorating the room. It’s all so pink and pastels, just my favorite. And I told her somehow I match with the bed with the Candydoll outfit I got from the Epiphany xD I really like the color scheme, check her blog for full decor details 🙂

*what I wear*

head: VCO – Risa Mesh head

body: Maitreya – Lara

hair: Taketomi – Junko (platinum)

top: Candydoll – Aiko Pink Tank @ Epiphany

skirt: Candydoll – Aiko Aqua Skirt @ Epiphany

headband: MoonAmore + Cureless – Headdress (rose)

choker: MoonAmore + Cureless – Rose Choker



Selfie Saturday

pastelme second life kawaii cute fashion blog sl

That moment when you take forever to get a couple of good selfies to post…. or in this case snapshot to blog. Me and Sera always take hours to prepare and take good pictures. But it’s always fun and nice when finally I get that good photo that I’m satisfied with, so yay!

*what I’m wearing*

head: VCO – Risa mesh head

body: Maitreya – Lara

skin: VCO – light tone applier

hair: Due – Teresa (ombre 2) @ The Kawaii Project

top: M.Birdie – School Look f/w Top 4 C @ Epiphany

skirt: M.Birdie – Skirt 1 D @ Epiphany

socks: [atomic] apparel – Spring Frill Socks (shell)

headband: Le Coq D’or – My Bunny Gacha – Bunny Ear Lilac RARE

choker: Le Coq D’or – My Bunny Gacha – Bunny Bow Pink

phone: Le Coq D’or – Yummy Phone {2} RARE @ The Showroom

bag: The Sugar Garden – Fuzzy Beary Bag

shoes: M.Birdie – ein look loafer 3

pose: Focus Poses – Friends 66


Check out Sera’s blog for her outfit and style card 😀