Take My Hand, We’ll Make It I Swear

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head: Catwa – Catya

skin: Enfer Sombre – Lana RARE @ Epiphany

hair: Doe – Spaceballs (blonde)

outfit: mignon – I’m Hungry getup #10 @ Epiphany

shoes: mignon – I’m Hungry shoes RARE @ Epiphany

pose: Purple Poses – Couple 531



Scarlet Creative – Greenwich Park House

ChiMia:: Adelaide Writing Desk

ChiMia:: Adelaide Typewriter

ChiMia:: Adelaide Chair


Saving My Love

pastel me second life fashion cute kawaii sl blog


find his style card on his blog here


head: Catwa – Amy

hair: Taketomi – Akemi II (platinums)

outfit: mignon – auto moon @ Moon Festival

shoes: mignon – auto moon boots @ Moon Festival

bat: tsg – baseball bat (pink)

pose: Purple Poses – Trampolim


Chimia – Raft Dock

Chimia – Rustic Cabin *group gift!*

Chimia now offers group gift for their VIP members. On October alone, they’ve released 1 rustic cabin and 4 socks for maitreya, omega, and slink bodies as group gifts. It is free for VIP members, but non members can find them on Chimia marketplace. The fee to join is 250L, but as a VIP member you’ll get:

20% off all in-store items
50% off new items in-store for 1 week after release
Exclusive gifts and sales.

You can join the group here.

Only Spend Time with People Worth Your Time

pastel me second life fashion decor cute couple style in sl kawaii

left couple


hair: Dura – Boys&Girls 58 (champagne blonde)

mask: Katat0nik – Therapy Gacha – red mask @ The Arcade Gacha

top: Dami – Oversized Hood Tshirt

pants: Gabriel – Ankle Pants

shoes: Gos – Hi Top



hair: Taketomi – Yumi (platinum)

dress: Kendrasy Creations – Nicky Dress with HUD @ marketplace

shoes: Essenz – Gambia

right couple


hair: Wasabi Pills – Jody mesh Hair with Pom Pom @ The Chapter Four

outfit: Shiro Tsuki – Nu Magick Crop Top & Shorts @ Fluffy & Fierce

sandals: Friday – Polly sandals (wheat)

swing + pose: Comfort Sofa – Purple Poses + Me [ Couple Poses] @ Collabor88


hair: Besom x Flite – Jackson #18 @ The Arcade Gacha

top: etham – Ace Cardigan

pants: Gabriel – Ripped pants (dark blue)

shoes: [ VERSOV ] JUMPOV (White)


Trompe Loeil – Kenna Cabin @ Collabor88

Birdy – Royal Pets – Chihuahua – Display – Tan @ The Arcade Gacha

Hayabusa Design OPTSB geometric Garden M16-2 v1-1G

[we’re CLOSED] – grass field lush

You Can’t Sit With Us

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head: tsg – Mizu

hair: Vallani – Taylor (blonde)

dress: Kendrasy Creations – Daliah Dress with HUD @ marketplace

shoes: Empire – Bergamot

chair + pose: Purple Poses – Baroque Chair @ Collabor88 Aug 2016

head: VCO – Risa

hair: Due – Itano (ombre 6) @ The Chapter Four

choker: Pink Acid – Bow Trinket Choker

outfit: Blueberry – Clare

shoes: Mignon – Big Bow SP Shoes (bberry)


Fawny – The Legend of Unicorns 6

ChicChica – Rita Oak Panel


Won’t Let You Get Away


head: tsg – Mikki kissy x tone

hair: Doe – Luna (monochrome)

outfit: Shiro Tsuki – iScream Shirt Dress @ Manga Fair

choker: Shiro Tsuki – Crescent Choker (white) @ Manga Fair

slippers: tsg – Puffpuff Slippers (bubblegum)

saber: Lovefox – Kawaii Lightsaber – Heart Wings UNCOMMON

chair + pose: Purple Poses – She Chair @ The Chapter Four


Lovefox – Magic Bath – Used Bath ULTRARARE @ Manga Fair

Lovefox – Magic Bath – BathBombs & Soap RARE @ Manga Fair

Lovefox – Magic Bath – Soak’n’Float Pucks UNCOMMON @ Manga Fair

Lovefox – Magic Bath – Bubble Bath @ Manga Fair

Lovefox – Magic Bath – Dusting Powder RARE @ Manga Fair

Lovefox – Magic Bath – Rolled Hand Towels @ Manga Fair

Shabby Tabby – Nouveaux Asiatiq Mirror

Kalopsia – Emily’s Vanity Table RARE

+Half-Deer+ Sakura Petals – Medium Group – Pink

ChiMia – Japan Poster (sushi) @ Bon Voyage

ChiMia – Japan Poster (sakura) @ Bon Voyage

BALACLAVA – Conrad Rug – TypeB Pink

Don’t Expect Me to Wait for Nothing

pastel me second life fashion style post blog sl cute

head: tsg – Mikki Kissy x tone

hair: Nani – Sophie Hair (unicorn ombre)

headband: Le Coq D’or – Thorns – band with roses (purple) @ Bodyfy

dress: Kendrasy Creations – Davina Dress with all colors HUD @ marketplace

choker: Shiro Tsuki – Crescent Chokers (black) @ Manga Fair

shoes: Essenz – Virginia (white)

bag: Le Coq D’or – My Lovely Bag – #3 clutch (donuts) @ The Crossroads

chair + pose: Purple Poses – Circular Sofa @ The Crossroads August


Everything Is Magical If You See It With Your Heart

pastel me second life fashion decor style cute sl kawaii blog

hair: Doe – Junko (pastel)

eyes: s0ng – Leafy Green Eye @ SaNaRae

lashes: mignon – Decora Party (flower pink)

headband: Le Coq D’or – Candy Girl – #6 Horns (violet) @ SaNaRae

dress: Melon Bunny – Crystal Heart Academy (lilac)

pose: Purple Poses – Couple 501


Half Deer – Glitter Field – Stars (cluster)

Anc – Forest Lantern (vintage copper)

Anc – Forest Lantern (fantasy blue)

Anc – No Limits – flock of flying doves (tea green)

Anc – No Limits – flock of flying doves (soda blue)

Anc – No Limits – flying dove (soda blue)


Just Stay Close

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head: Vco – Risa

body: Maitreya – Lara

hair: Due – Lan (ombre 2)

choker: Pink Acid – Bow Trinket Choker

outfit: M.Birdie – School Look S/S type C2 RARE @ Okinawa Summer Festival

belt: Shiro Tsuki – Trainer Belt

socks: Atomic – Spring Frill Socks (shell)

shoes: Flite – Long Beach Low Tops

Pose: Purple Poses – Couple 500 @ N21


hair: Dura – B&G 63

outfit: Ronomomo – type A2 @ Okinawa Summer Festival

shoes: The Boutique / Men – Studded Canvas Sneaker

watch: Ronomomo – School Look S/S Watch 3 @ Okinawa Summer Festival



I’m Still Around

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head: OOyuki – Bio 03

body: Maitreya – Lara

hair: Due – Mei (pastel ) @ The Crystal Heart Festival

eyes: tsg – Chibi Heart Eyes *gift*

lashes: Mai Bilavio – Essential Lash (fluffy)

outfit: Dami – Good Morning Set B6

shoes: Friday – Kendall (pewter)

choker: Lazybones – Spike Choker

chair + pose: Purple Pose – Bunny Chair (pack 01) @ Shiny Shabby July


Half Deer – Fairy Curtain

Serenity Style – Ibiza Puf

Belle Epoque – Country Side Living #2

Balaclava – Conrad Rugs (pink)

There’s Always That One Couple…

second life pastel me couple pose fashion blog style cute sl

hair: Argrace – Tsumugi

top: Kendrasy Creations – Brunna Top (with HUD) on marketplace

pants: Piero – police shorts

couple pose: Mouni Poses – Embodied Couple 1 @ The Expo

hair: Lamb – Sometimes (pastel)

dress: Kendrasy Creations – Tahi Dress (with HUD)

pose (pole included): Purple Pose – Pole Dance @ The Crossroads

decor: Chimia – Serenity Apartment @ The Gacha Guardian