When Things Go Wrong All I Want To Do Is To Be By Myself


hair: ayashi – natsumi-chi (blonde) @ lootbox

eyes: s0ng – hydie eyes @ the project se7en

lashes: michan – natzuka lashes

lips: arte – summer gloss @ chapter four

choker: shanghai – boga necklace rose @ chapter four

outfit: belle epoque – seville dress (pink) @ lootbox

fan: belle epoque – seville fan @ lootbox

hat: belle epoque – seville hat @ lootbox

earring: belle epoque – seville earring @ lootbox

nails: slackgirl – paris bento nails @ limit8

rings: yummy – serena rings

backdrop: sainststreet japan love scene @ kurenai

You Can Call Me Quirky, But Never Crazy


hair: ayashi – una hair @ secret hideout

eyes: s0ng – hydie eyes @ the project se7en

makeup: imeka – sweet makeup 2 @ blush

hair acc: ayame ame*HairAcce – Sakurauta (mix) A-L @ kurenai

hair acc: kisetsu – Small Kanzashi – 3 Ume – Pink & White

hair acc: ayame ame – tsubaki 11

hair acc: +Half-Deer+ Forest Charm – Sakura Headband (Pale) @ lootbox

gair acc: +Half-Deer+ Forest Charm – Sakura Antlers (Bright) @ lootbox

outfit: 89hz – jude y2k knit sweater

choker: michan – honoka choker @ secret hideout

nails: slackgirl – feline classic nails @ on9

tattoo: stardust – mieko @ the project se7en

backdrop: OLQINU : sexual scene <glamorous backdrop> @ kurenai

pose: pink hustler – mewmew pose set 1





You’ll Miss The Best Things If You Keep Your Eyes Shut

head: catwa – uma

hair: ayashi – aiano

skin: enfer sombre – roxy @ hentai fair

lips: enfer sombre – pink skin lips

lashes: michan – natzuka lashes @ the liaison collaborative

eyes: slackgirl – kalua eyes @ applique

nails: slackgirl – lory stiletto bento nails @ limit8

glasses: namiichu – sweet heart glasses @ limit8

rings: belle epoque – enya rings (silver)

outfit: lybra – mattie @ rewind



Love [Nini Teddies] Rezzable + Resizeable *GROUP GIFT*

Good Times Come And Go But The Memories Last Forever

pastel me second life kawaii cute blog fashion decor summer sl

head: catwa – catya

skin: enfer sombre – kyoko skin @ sanarae

hair: ayashi – rika hair (basic set) @ lootbox

eyes: slackgirl – cristal eyes

eyelashes: michan – asuza lashes @ marketplace

outfit: uniwaii – vollewaii (black red) @ sanarae

slippers: phedora – sugar flip flops @ cutie loot june

nails: moon amore – kinky nails (lilac) @ cosmetic fair

ring1: chichica – skye ring #3 @ lootbox

ring set: kibitz – rainy summer rings @ lootbox

ice cream: imeka – italian ice cream #3 @ the kawaii project

pose: pingpong – mimi bento poses b&f



astralia – tropical pool (sky) @ summerfest 2017 opens June 30th until July 20th

NOMAD // Beach Lounger A // White @ summerfest 2017

NOMAD // Beach Parasol // Pink (Straight) @ summerfest 2017

JIAN Flamingo Collection :: Static – Leg Up R @ summerfest 2017

JIAN Flamingo Collection :: Static – Gaze L @ summerfest 2017

JIAN Flamingo Collection :: Static – Sit R @ summerfest 2017

JIAN Flamingo Collection :: Static – Preen R @ summerfest 2017

Can’t Even – Squid Air Plant (Pink) @ summerfest 2017

Can’t Even – Octopus Air Plant (Pink) @ summerfest 2017

*HEXtraordinary* Sandpiper family @ summerfest 2017


How Could I Wait Patiently?

pastelme second life misa kierstrider kawaii fashion style cute blog decor sl

head: catwa – catya

body: maitreya – lara

skin: enfer sombre – nana skin (exclusive prize) @ epiphany

eyes: s0ng – roma eyes

hair: ayashi – sienna hair (summer set) @ epiphany

dress: belle epoque – diane (mint) @ shiny shabby

hair acc: love – kitty ear #1

bottle: imeka – cutie water bottle (1) @ the kawaii project

lanyard: random matter – noticed by senpai – lanyard (p) @ epiphany

nails: gorgeous dolls – diva talonz for maitreya bento

rings: astralia – galaxy nails & rings – little pearl

ring: astralia – my half ring set

ring: lassitude&ennui – bewitched love rings


{moss&mink} Entry Table @ sanarae

{moss&mink} Ombre Calendar @ sanarae

{moss&mink} Soft rug @ sanarae

{moss&mink} Alice in Easterland – Coconut Ice

+Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtain

+Half-Deer+ Donut Decadence – Tower – Choco Ombre @ epiphany

+Half-Deer+ Donut Decadence – Strawberry Cream @ epiphany

.random.Matter. – Noticed By Senpai – Otaku Sign [Blue] @ epiphany

Don’t Tell People Your Dreams, Show Them

hair (1st): Due – Atsuko (ombre HUD)

hair (2nd): Ayashi – Midori (blondes)

hair (3rd): Oleander – Klio (koolpop)

hair (4th): EMBW – Omegha (ombre I)

outfit: mignon – maybe outfit (type A) @ The Project Se7en

shoes: mignon – maybe boots @ The Project Se7en


Astralia – Fame skybox @ Crossroads

Astralia – Fame vintage speakers @ Crossroads

Astralia – Fame customizable pictures board @ Crossroads

Astralia – Fame curtains @ Crossroads

Ao Haru Ride


Again, it’s taken me about a week to finally finished editing these photos due to other deadlines and stuff. Usually, me and Light-chan planned our cosplay themed photos at least 2 weeks before the shoot, but this time (2 weeks ago I think) it was so sudden and unplanned but finally we were able to get the stuff we needed to recreate Futaba and Kou photos. I know I dont look much like Futaba haha I tried, but it’s not that easy as it was kind of last minute kinda thing. We got our matching school uniform from Yegrina. It’s mesh and comes in 5 standard sizes. I made the pose for the first picture, and used Mouni Poses cute holding hand pose for the second one.


head: VCO – Risa

hair: Ayashi – Nessie (brown)

outfit: Yegrina – School Uniform Girls Set on marketplace

socks: Wretch – Overknee Socks for Maitreya

shoes: M.BIRDIE – Ein look.Loafers

phone: Le Coq D’or – Pokemon phones – #1 Pikachu (yellow) RARE

2nd pose: Mouni Poses – You Gatcha Couple 1 on marketplace


hair: Dura – Girls & Boys 58

outfit: Yegrina – School Uniform Boys Set

phone: Le Coq D’or – Pokemon Phones – #7 Clefable Phone (Purple)


Kalopsia – Daisy’s Water Bottle – Unicorn

Ariskea[Patisserie] Cupcakes Surprise

Reign – Reignagotchi #27

tsg – delinquent – booze bag (black)

What Next – Wanderlust Daybed Camera & Polaroid @ marketplace

{sallie} Beaute de Sallie – Lip Gloss (berry)

I’ll Be Here Waiting For You

pastel me second life final fantasy cute cosplay squall rinoa sl

My first babble in a while! Since it’s cosplay shoot I just had to say random things again. First off, aside of making new friend with Light recently. (It’s funny how his name is Light and I’m Misa and we didn’t know each other until a while ago lol). Turns out, we both have passion for cosplaying and also anime & games. One of them is definitely Final Fantasy VIII. As old as it is, I personally have some sort of too much feels with Final Fantasy VIII especially Squall and Rinoa. It was the first RPG game that I played when I was so little and I liked it soo much to the point that I replayed it multiple times. It was a fun experience looking for all the stuff I needed for this cosplay.

So about 2 weeks ago I was on collabor88 and saw the long skirt Spirit released, and was like omg it looks like Rinoa outfit! Too bad they don’t have blue color, but the dusty blue they have is close enough so I got it. But of course, in this photo I had to paint it more blue to match Rinoa’s color. I’m sorry for that. It’s just so hard to find cosplay outfit and accessories I needed everytime, and I always want to go for that original cosplay outfit if I could. I also repainted the armwarmers to match the blue skirt. Too bad I couldn’t find the exact top and above the knee pants that Rinoa wears, so I got Blueberry romper that I really like also from Collabor88. They fit like a charm, except when doing certain poses. But for normal wear, they are so good together (I use the one fitted for Maitreya). I was also so glad I could find the necklace with double rings. I got it from Meli Imako and it’s actually for male lol but it can be modified and resized pretty well.

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the finished photos and there will be more cosplay photos coming next time. Thank you Light for cosplaying with me! 🙂

Rinoa stylecard

head: The Sugar Garden – Mikki Kissy *Ulzzang*

body: Maitreya – Lara

hair: Ayashi – Sia

choker: Pink Acid – Trinket Bow Choker

necklace: Meli Imako – Mesh Men’s Necklace with Rings

outer skirt: Spirit – Sianna shirt @ Collabor88

romper: Blueberry – Clare (black) @ Collabor88

armwarmers: Agapee – Bess Turtle Neck & Arm Warmers

pose (left): Rinoa pose customized from ~ Focus Poses – Here and Now

pose (right): RK Poses – Truly Yours


Little Branch – Bouton d’or

Half Deer – Sakura Petals

Wait No More

pastel me second life fashion blog cute kawaii style sl

head: tsg – Mikki Kissy RARE x tone @ The Kawaii Project

hair: Lovey Dovey – Alyssa (unicorn) @ Whimsical

bangs: Lovey Dovey – bangs add on (unicorn)

dress: dami – love blossom short dress 6 @ Whimsical

sailor collar: dami – Sailor Collar Cape SW @ Whimsical

hairband: Kyoko Couture – Head Ribbon no 70

shoes: Reign – Madison Flats with socks

pose: Mouni Poses – Single Female Pack 1 pose 4

head: SomeMore – Saebom tone 2

hair: Ayashi – Saily (blond)

outfit: dami – boxyfit t-shirt + skirt #15

socks: Atomic Apparel – Spril Frill Socks (shell)

shoes: Reign – Harlee Plats (pomegranate)

hair accessories: Tee*fy – Dango Beret (red/white)

pose: Chat Noir – Girls Relaxing Pose 01 for The Pose Hop May


Shabby Tabby – Whiskey + Lace Chair

Cherry House – Alice Patio Fence 02 @ Whimsical

Cherry House – Alice Patio – Outdoor Benches @ Whimsical

Cherry House – Alice Patio – Birdcage Road Lead @ Whimsical

Sayo – Bungalow Retreat Gacha – Bungalow RARE @ Whimsical