Moon Festival 2016


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Moon Festival is a once a year event. It falls on the Autumnal Equinox, and to Chinese it means family time gathering/reunion time and peace. Full moon is a symbol of prosperity, happiness and family reunion. The food that will be in the festival most definitely is mooncakes.

In SL, it will open tomorrow Octobet 1st. Everyone can join and enjoy the beautiful sim. Aside of shopping in variety of different vendors, there’s also free games which you can play and gain prizes. The sim is beautifully decorated, perfect for moon viewing with your family and friends so don’t miss it!


skin: VCO – Zoey

lips: mignon – Fresh GLossy Gloss (Hawaiian Pink Teeth) @ SaNaRae

blush: mignon – custom blush (dolly 40%)

eyes: mignon – Kira Kira star eyes (pink) [EXCLUSIVE] @ Moon Festival

hair: Exile – Little By Little (color fades)

hair accessories: mignon & irodori – yukata gacha – accessories 03

yukata – Dark Water Designs – Yukata #2 for female @ Moon Festival

sandals – Sickly Sweet – Geisha Sandals for Maitreya and Slink @ Moon Festival

pose & plate – Fawn’s Demise – Clumsy Maid Pose 2 & prop @ Moon Festival


hair: ink hair – Homie (blonde)

yukata: Dark Water Designs – Yukata #2 for male @ Moon Festival

necklace: Distant Designs – Withered Monk Beads (sanguine) @ Moon Festival

toy: Dark Knight Decor – Pinwheel #11 @ Moon Festival


lanterns: Lovefox – Oriental Lantern (crimson) @ Moon Festival

statue: Moon Festival 2016 Prizes – Kitsune Statue @ Moon Festival *FREE*

location – Moon Festival entrance


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